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The recruitment process can be very time-consuming and challenging, especially when you need capable hands to fill specialized positions. We are Rain Jobs, an freelancing services specialists in recruiting and sourcing, head hunting of various profiles as per requirement. We attract and recruit candidates that best fit businesses, culture and strategy. We operate as freelancer for entire India based from Kolhapur, You can contact us on 8669313811 for more details.

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We help a wide range of clients and attract a broad scope of candidates. We carefully assess client needs and take the time to fully understand your business objectives and values. This gives us valuable insight – ensuring we find the right candidate for the role. Each one of our consultants is committed to finding and building optimum working relationships between firms and candidates, so contact us to find out more about how we can help.

Recruitment Process

Over the years, we have carved a strong and positive name for ourselves in recruiting the best candidates. Our candidates go through rigorous examination phases such as interviews, computer-based tests and also medical tests to provide the best out of many candidates. During the process of acting as an intermediary between the candidate and the company, we ensure that the candidates are provided with necessary information about the company. Rest assured, your staffing needs will be taken care of, by us.

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